Showroom Design

This year Eileen has had the pleasure of working with Harrison F-Trucks (Sunshine Coast) to help them take their showroom to the next level. The design was to be in keeping with the general theme of the business, enhance their image and professionalism and bring new life to the showroom.

With a very limited budget, the challenge was set and Eileen and her team worked very hard to make sure all the clients expectation would be met within the guidelines of the budget.

After evaluating the room and the products on display, special areas where selected within the space for casual lounge settings with vibrant colours and comfortable, contemporary furniture. This has made the showroom feel extremely welcoming and really energises the space.

Beyond the bright colours, Eileen felt that another layer of drama was needed to give prestige to the products themselves. This lead to the addition of large scale, vibrant graphics of the truck scenes, which have brought an epic sense of grandeur to the showroom and a lot of visual interest for customers.

A simple reception desk was also designed for the practical needs of the staff and in keeping with the overall colour scheme.

The showroom has certainly been elevated by the design enhancements and is a real testament to Eileen’s ability to work with clients of all kinds, taking time to understand their needs and desires and transforming this into spaces that exceed their expectations.