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Light Fitting Selections – Electrical Layouts

How does the Electrical and Lighting Layouts service work?

Placement of lighting & electrical points are also an important aspect of interior design as they support the space both functionally and aesthetically. Determining the number of lights, type of lights and location of these lights will compliment the design works we provide. After receiving a brief from our clients and on viewing their plans or site photos we can ascertain the approach for the electrical and lighting layouts and the scope of services required. Lighting & electrical layouts can range from $2,700 to $3,870. All projects are assessed on an individual basis.


  • Client meetings 3 x 2 hours Lighting & Electrical layout drawings
  • Consultation for function of the spaces to arrive at the best layout
  • Suggestion of general, task & feature lighting
  • Integrate lighting to cabinetry design if required
  • Liaison with lighting & electrical consultants to source selected items and provide information for feature lighting installation including recommended positions and heights, if required.
  • CAD Drawings at an appropriate scale
  • Plan views & a corresponding Legend
  • Elevations, and necessary details, if required
  • Electrical notation will be shown including GPO’s and cabinetry lighting


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