Domain Magazine – Feature Walls

Textured ceilings and walls can offer a great indication to the age of a building. Remember back to the days when the bumpy vermiculite textures adorned ceilings throughout the 1970s and ‘80s? And how dust settled on them with ease? Texture has come a long way since then and has more recently made resurgence into many homes. From suede finishes to metallic and pearl paint finishes, walls have suddenly come alive. Wallpaper has even made a comeback with funky murals and classical designs back in fashion and incorporated into many of the display homes around the Sunshine Coast. The trick however is to find a wall finish that is timeless and not just a design trend. Eileen Middleton of Interiority Interior Design Consulting said there was an incredible amount of options available for wall features in homes now that needn’t be restricted to paint and wallpaper. “The renovation process is quite expensive now, people want something they don’t have to change five years down the track and they want something that is a little more timeless. “Wallpaper is very subject to fashion trends and paint is just an alternative that can be changed easily so you have to look at it in those terms,” Eileen said. She said do-it-yourself decorators can often act impulsively on the latest trends splashed across magazines covers resulting in disjointed design. However interior designers approach a home as a whole to create a cohesive design element that flows throughout effortlessly. For a recent design project at a modern beach house, Eileen created a several wall features from various materials adding to the home’s overall harmony. “It was not a grungy beach house, it was a more upmarket beach house and it emanated that feel throughout the space which was actually the catalyst to making selections about what we could do on the walls that become part of the architectural structure but also a decorative finish,” Eileen said.

She also mentioned the client wanted to maintain an environmentally friendly approach to the design of the home. “One of the feature walls was done in a clay finish from Rockcote which is an environmental product made of clay. “Because it’s real clay it is cool to touch and has a definite texture without looking like the old suede effects of the past, it looks very natural. “So we’re advocating the environmental decisions which are conscious decisions in an interior that we’re making,” Eileen said. The other feature was a striking wall that added texture and aesthetics to an otherwise plain wall. “It was a timber wall and the interest was made through a variation of the timber sizes accentuating the timber look and having a colour behind the timber to create a contrast,” Eileen said.

“A lot of our decisions stem from the client brief because they are trying to achieve something, but the idea for the stairwell came from what we did on the ceiling of that same house over the dining table. “We used the same materials, so there was a linking of materials throughout the space and by linking those features we created a harmony. “We’ve used different materials in the design to create a contrast so the background finish contrasts with the timber. “Also to avoid looking like a simple timber finish we used a white wash which softened the look rather than having lacquered timber,” Eileen said. With great design and a dedicated team of professional builders, Eileen was able to create a space that not only looks fantastic but met the brief of her clients.