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Full Homes Design


Our commission covered all areas including kitchen & bathroom design, Fireplace cabinetry, wet area design, walk in robe design. Separate Office area layout and design and Interior & Exterior Finishes services.


Located up in the rural hinterlands, the project had large open plan interiors that were designed to connect with the exterior scenery of nature. The Clients’ intentions of developing hobby farm vegetable gardens to provide for organic food style cooking classes dictated the size of the kitchen to cater for 10 students’ participation. Juxtapositioned at the opposite end of the kitchen is a lounge area that features a stone clad fireplace. Illuminated back cabinetry in the kitchen design created a wall of soft mood light when entertaining. The interior and exterior Finishes selection was created by nature inspired materials and design elements such as the stone drywall and stone look porcelain tiles that added warmth to the vast interior.